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Add any of our products to your barbecue to add new levels of flavour

Cold Meat Smoking

Chips & Pellets great for cold smoking meats & cheeses.

Pizza Ovens

Pellets & Chunks fantastic for adding flavour to pizza's.

Exstream BBQ

Here at Exstream BBQ we believe in high quality, chemical free, wood products to add incredible flavours to your food. Our products are all responsibly sourced and are FSC certified. We strongly believe that responsible sourcing should also be matched with responsible packaging and for this reason we are working hard to make all our products packaging 100% recyclable.

What Do Our Customers Say?

We've had our cadac bbq which is gas for many years but we do miss the taste of bbq food done on charcoal.

We filled a smoker box with the apple wood chips which we had previously soaked in water for approx 20 mins
We then put the box on the bbq filled with the apple wood chips. We decided to grill some burgers and sausages then closed the lid. The smells coming from the cooking was wonderful.
Our taste test definitely found the flavour was much improved so we will continue to use it.
The downside was we had to keep the lid closed for it to work which was difficult to keep our eye on the food.
Hope my comments are helpful.
Happiness - Amazon (Top 500 Reviewer)
I've only just started smoking our BBQ meat. Done chicken, trout and a bit of ham. One and a half tablespoons is ample for half an hour cooking in my "Cameron stainless steel smoker" even in mid winter. I'm cooking on gas. I'd purchase these oak chips from this supplier again.
Baustin - Amazon
Excellent value for money, the apple wood imparts a really good golden colour to my drinks and a nice smokey flavour. There is not much scent from this but I bet if you soak it in alcohol it will impart more scent.
jonathan b service - Amazon