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ExstreamBBQ Olive Wood Chips BBQ 3L Bag

ExstreamBBQ Olive Wood Chips are the perfect addition to your BBQ setup. With 3L of chips, you can add a subtly smoky flavour to your outdoor cooking while helping to create an even heat distribution. Impress your guests with the sweet, nutty flavour of olive wood.

This BBQ & smoking wood is made from 100% pure, bark-free, additive-free wood and can be used on charcoal and gas barbecues. These chips are perfect for hot smoking.

Besides food and nice people, a good barbecue is about 3 things: heat, time and smoke. To create good flavour improving smoke, choose the correct wood from our range.

Tips for smoking with wood chips:

Wood chips can go directly on to coal barbecues for instant smoking flavour. For extended smoke time and increased flavour, soak the chips in water for approximately 30 minutes before adding them to the coals or to a smoker box. When using a gas barbecue a smoker box will be required.

3 Litre Packs Weigh Approximately 850g. 

£5.49 £6.49