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Fruit Wood Chip Gift Box - A Selection of 6 Fruit Woods + Includes Smoker Box, Flavour Chart Magnet & Fire Lighters

We are pleased to offer the perfect gift idea for a barbecue fanatic!

Our new ExstreamBBQ fruit wood selection box includes 6 of the most popular fruit woods used for hot smoking. These woods are great for beginners or experienced cooks and allows them to learn which flavours they would like to continue using when smoking foods. If they are unsure of flavour pairings then they can quickly refer back to our handy magnetic flavour chart which gives instant ideas on what woods pair with which foods. For a more extensive list of flavour pairings visit our website.

Wood chips are great because they can be used in almost all types of food smoking. We recommend these wood chips be used in gas or coal barbecues but they can be used in any size hot or cold smoker. To get the fire going add some of our wood wool firelighters then simply add the chips to the coals and close the lid or use our handy smoking box on a gas barbecue. Soaking the chips can prolong their smoking time but it is not necessary for a sufficient smoke.

Not only is this a great gift idea it is also environmentally friendly! All the packaging that goes into this product is 100% recyclable. We have sourced paper labels, cellophane bags and wood shavings for padding. 

£30.99 £34.99