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Storage Jar & One Litre CHERRY Wood Pellets For BBQ Pizza & Grill

Are you tired of your wood pellets not burning properly?  Then be sure to buy our new range of pizza pellet storage jars and keep your smoking pellets fresh, clean and dry.  Made from food-grade plastic these storage jars with screw top lids are safe to use outside and look great lined up by your grill.

We have filled these jars with one litre of our premium barbecue, grill and smoking wood pellets.  Our smoker pellets are made from the best woods for smoking - they are 100% pure, bark-free, additive-free wood and can be used on your grill, barbecue and pizza oven.  They are perfect for hot smokers and ideal for use on the Ninja Woodfire collection, Ooni pizza ovens, Traeger grills and other similar outdoor appliances.

Choose from a selection of eight of the best wood pellets for your smoker, grill, pizza oven or barbecue:

Apple - Adds a rich sweetness which goes perfectly with pork and poultry.
Cherry - Rounded sweetness which complements any meat.
Fruit Mix - Using a mix of the best fruit flavours, these smoking pellets are brilliant for adding a light, sweet touch to all meat and poultry dishes.
Oak - Strong flavour which turns average beef or lamb into something really special
Beech - A great choice for beginners and experts alike. It has a mild, well-rounded flavour which complements all meats and fish.
Mesquite - Strong, sweet, slightly nutty flavour. Can easily overpower more delicate foods, but can be mixed with another flavour for balance. The best wood for smoking duck and lamb.
Hickory - The rich, slightly sweet essence of hickory smoke imparts a beloved flavor redolent of campfires, parties and summertime.
Chestnut - Slightly sweet nutty smokey flavour. Good with most meats.

Tips for smoking with wood pellets:

Wood pellets can be used on coal / charcoal barbecues for instant smoking flavour - simply add them to the briquettes, preferably around the edge of the barbecue. Or you can use a smoker box or tube when using smoker pellets. Place the pellets inside the box / tube and place onto the barbecue / grill for 20 minutes prior to cooking. We sell both smoker boxes and tubes for your convenience.

One litre of our premium quality, hard-wood pellets will weigh between 600 and 800 grams (21 - 29 oz) depending on the variety. This will fill a 6" smoke tube four to five times, giving a smoking time of around ten hours.