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Exstream BBQ Barbecue Food Smoking Wood Chunks Hickory 25L

This BBQ & smoking wood is made from 100 percent pure, additive-free wood and can be used on charcoal and gas barbecues (on a tray). These chunks are perfect for hot smoking.

Besides food and nice people, a good barbecue is about 3 things: heat, time and smoke. To create good flavour improving smoke, choose the correct wood from our range.

Mesquite - Very delicate with a hint of sweetness. Good with fish, pork, poultry, and light-meat game birds.
Apple - Adds sweetness which goes perfectly with pork and poultry.
Cherry - Rounded sweetness which compliments any meat.
Oak - A very strong flavour making average beef or lamb into something special.
Hickory - The rich, slightly sweet essence of hickory smoke imparts a beloved flavor redolent of campfires, parties and summertime.

It is recommended to chop these chunks in half or quarters, increasing your chunk supply and extending their use. They can be used soaked or dry but for the best burn and flavour dry is recommended.


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